Welcome to my on-line gallery.  You can see another version at <https://www.rosswinterphotoworks.com>  View the various themes in my work by clicking on subject choices in the ‘Categories’ section of the right side-bar.  My work can be found in various private collections in Houston, Montgomery, Toronto, Vancouver, and Perth (Australia); and in the collection of Etherstane Development Corporation,Vancouver.

My images ‘Kasbahs’ were published in the Canadian Architect magazine in 1970. The catalogue of my solo exhibition, ‘Through a Glass Darkly’, was acquired by the reference library of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Artist’s Statement:

Some pictures demand to be taken, for their inherent strength or associations.  Others have to be worked for.  The products are sequences of images illustrating change over time; series of images which collectively show the character of a place, event, or experience; and single telling images.  Art is as I find it, an expression of the moment, or of the infinite.

An education based on the Bauhaus method biases my photographic work toward graphic potential, collage, and abstraction, with a focus on cities and urban change.  It addresses material as diverse as middle-America, art spaces, commerce in contemporary China,  metropolitan places, and people in cities.  Images of, or from, the modern city present an archeology of urban evolution.  The images explore the boundary between figuration and abstraction, with influences from the history of 20th century painting.

Education: B. Arch – McGill University
M. Arch – UC Berkeley
M.C.P. – UC Berkeley


1970 – ‘Kasbahs – notes and photographs on a journey in southern Morocco’, in The Canadian Architect magazine.
2010 – COLOR magazine, March, Merit Award, ‘Tianjin, 2009, The Wholesale Markets #10’
2011 – Catalogue of ‘They’re All Hybrids’ includes my image ‘Carracci in Tianjin, 1582 – 2009’
2011 – ‘Urban’ – a compendium of my own images of urban places, available from Blurb.
2014 – ‘Through a Glass Darkly’ – catalogue of solo-show, acquired by the Reference Library of the Museum of Modern Art, NY.


General Information:

All images are archival pigment prints unless otherwise noted.

Purchase Information:

All images are for sale unless the edition is completed, with prices subject to increase as the edition sells out.  Images are shipped flat, signed and numbered, in a heavy cardboard box.  Matting and framing are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Shipping is extra and charged at cost.  Payment in advance is required, PayPal is perhaps easiest.  Money Orders accepted.  Returns accepted with 7 days for a full refund provided the print is in original condition without soft creases or folds.  Please contact me at the e:mail address below to inquire about a purchase.

Ross Winter retains sole copyright to all the images included here, which may not be downloaded, copied, printed, or reproduced by any means or in any medium without explicit written permission.

To inquire about price, size, and availability of any of the images on this site, please contact me at <s(dot)rosswinter@gmail(dot)com>

4 comments on “About

  1. Hi Ross,

    I’ve just moved back to my old flat opposite the British Museum. Sitting here listening to Simon and Garfunkel and hey I thought of you .

    How are you doing? You seem to have become a very famous photographer, which is pretty impressive.

    I would be good to catch up. After all it’s only been 50 years!

    Very best wishes

    John and Sue

    • Hi, John and Sue: The pandemic has come and maybe gone. Never did get to the UK in 2020. I hardly ever come to this site any more. I’ve had my 55th reunion from McGill Arch ’67. Let me know if you get this!

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